Qamar Zaman Charity Organization

Qamar Zaman handed over and supported livestock to Hargeisa TB Hospital, although it was not the first time that Qamar Zaman provides this donation to the Hospital, but it has previously supported at the side of medical and nutrition, finally, Qamar Zaman will not hesitate to support for this TB Hospital.

Qamar Zaman Charity Organization's photo.
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Organizational Profile

QAMAR ZAMAN Charity is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-political, and non-partisan organization. Its establishment was a brainchild of elder Somali nationals in overseas, whom involved in social services and community development for a long period of time. With their experience and initiatives, they commenced to study and the humanitarian catastrophe of the country, which were direct results of the prolonged civil war and ensuing plight.

Those manmade and natural calamities has uprooted all basic amenities, livelihood and sustainability of the society, due to the fact that all sectors of social services, food security, safety and security, education and healthcare systems and infrastructure as well as personal properties were destroyed.

The aforementioned crises have affected considerable portions of the society by having   inefficient school, poor environmental conditions, low income, high rate of unemployed youth and men, scarcity of health centers, lack of sufficient trained medical staff, significant Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and increased number of street children. Therefore, in the absence of central government to address those issues, QAMAR ZAMAN Charity Organization has stepped in to respond to those challenges in order to assist the beleaguered communities in various Somaliland regions.

The Mission Statement

QAMAR ZAMAN Charity Organization was established on February 08, 2006 by a group of community development workers in order to alleviate humanitarian suffering both nomadic and urban communities throughout Somaliland regions. Thus contribute to the sustainability and stability of Somali society whom were primarily yearning for lasting peace in decades.

Vision and Core Values

QAMAR ZAMAN is committed:

  1. Providing support that will have long term positive impact to environment and community.
  2. Implementing projects based on to the needs of the society.
  3. Encouraging communities to collaborate with QAMAR ZAMAN in activities to be implemented in their locality.
  4. Ensuring that rural or urban residents have access to the environmental resource they need.
  5. Empowering low level groups of the community that have no sufficient access to their basic needs.
  6. Establishing connection and relationship among diversity levels of the people to be mutual and support self-help and provide aid those struggling to make the ends meet.
  7. Working for rehabilitation, education and health for the less fortunate members of the society.


The objectives of the organization are:

  1. Encourage, support, and seek funding for the local initiatives of the communities in six Somaliland regions.
  2. Mobilization of support for the grassroots development projects and programmes.
  3. Play a major role on advocacy and empowerment of action plans for community development with the help of civil society and local organizations.
  4. Cooperate and facilitate Aid Agencies, UN Agencies and International relief NGOs on community development activities.
  5. Develop networking and partnership efforts with other UN Agencies, International Aid agencies and other NGOs in and outside Somaliland.
  6. Facilitate and organize workshops and training seminars to promote community awareness of environmental and sustainable human development issues.
  7. Coordinate with other humanitarian organization to avoid overlapping activities in given target area.
  8. Assist and promote environmental conservation activities, encourage the introduction of soil conservation and land management and utilization.
  9. Identify veterinary drug needs and promote animal health care to improve productivity and market competitiveness.
  10.  Introduce mixed farming systems where applicable in the agro-pastoralists settlement areas and livestock.
  11.  Digging wells, construction cisterns and earth dams to provide clean water.

Target Groups

Qamar Zaman Charity Organization has chosen to help the follow groups:

  • Poor and vulnerable households in urban and rural
  • IDPs and returnees both in cities and urban
  • Orphans and street children
  • Peasants and farmers

The main reason that Qamar Zaman Charity Organization has chosen the above stated groups is each of that either they do not get sufficient support, or almost forgotten.

Organizational Structure

QAMAR ZAMAN Charity Organization is structured as the following:

  • Board of Directors
  • Management Team
    • Chairman
    • Executive Director
    • Administration & Finance Manager
    • Program Coordinator
    • Project Officer
    • Secretary
    • ICT Intern
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QAMAR ZAMAN as a national development agency has identified three key strategic directions to achieve its organizational goals and mission. These represent as short-to medium term strategies that QAMAR ZAMAN adopts in relation to serving its partners and communities.


Strategic Direction One:


  • Increase national resources to address poverty and improve the livelihood and food security for the needy urban and rural communities.
  • Develop programs and prepare specific project proposals for Technical Education Development, income generation and urban development, water and sanitation, agriculture and environment, Health and Nutrition.
  • Conduct a current baseline survey on Livelihood intervention, household income and standard of living particularly returnees and Internal Displace people in Somaliland.
  • Undertake an extensive advocacy and fund raising from potential and key donors to address the needs of QAMAR ZAMAN’S target groups.


Strategic Direction Two:


  • Implement appropriate in starvations and programs on sustainable women development in the country of Somaliland
  • Join Local organization’s umbrella and civil society forums and expand for partnerships with other UN agencies, International organizations and Development Companies.
  • Keep continue effective collaboration mechanism with Somaliland authorities particularly organizational activities concerning Ministries of the government.
  • Establish and maintain full participatory planning of projects implementation activities with the stakeholders.
  • Ascertain and maintain program monitoring and reporting tools with donors and the Somaliland Authorities as per request format.


Strategic Direction Three: 

  • Increase institutional capacity in key areas of organizational human resource development.
  • Establish effective and operational Sub-Offices in some other regions and nominate fundraising representative Agents in overseas.
  • Review QAMAR ZAMAN’s operational documents, financial, administrative manuals and procedures
  • Recruit and employ professional staff to carry out and manage Projects/Programs and offices of the organization.
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This fine organization should not be forgotten. The work they have done has been exceptional. We are pleased to be able to continue in this tradition.

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Photo Contest

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Power plant by night
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About Qamar Zaman QAMAR ZAMAN charity organization was formed as a group of community development workers who were living in abroad and others in the country, those involving social services for a long time, their experience brought to come together and study the whole situation of the country and recognized that there are thousand of problems having the community which is concerned by civil war broke out the country that inherited destructions for all the property of the society ant the country.

Many people lost their property, and couldn’t enable to rebuild their destructive homes, and also they have studied the current situation of the country, the problems that they identified that encountering the community includes inefficient school, low income, environmental problems, increase of number unemployment for the youth and also men, scarcity of health centres and poor knowledge of the health labours, increase number of street children, all of these things and other, were why it was established QAMAR ZAMAN charity organization and QAMAN ZAMAN Charity Organization’s leaders will strive to support these community in any part and will try to cover their sever needed parts, not looking their ethnics, genders, and will work for equally and justice.

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