About Qamar Zaman QAMAR ZAMAN charity organization was formed as a group of community development workers who were living in abroad and others in the country, those involving social services for a long time, their experience brought to come together and study the whole situation of the country and recognized that there are thousand of problems having the community which is concerned by civil war broke out the country that inherited destructions for all the property of the society ant the country.

Many people lost their property, and couldn’t enable to rebuild their destructive homes, and also they have studied the current situation of the country, the problems that they identified that encountering the community includes inefficient school, low income, environmental problems, increase of number unemployment for the youth and also men, scarcity of health centres and poor knowledge of the health labours, increase number of street children, all of these things and other, were why it was established QAMAR ZAMAN charity organization and QAMAN ZAMAN Charity Organization’s leaders will strive to support these community in any part and will try to cover their sever needed parts, not looking their ethnics, genders, and will work for equally and justice.