QAMAR ZAMAN as a national development agency has identified three key strategic directions to achieve its organizational goals and mission. These represent as short-to medium term strategies that QAMAR ZAMAN adopts in relation to serving its partners and communities.


Strategic Direction One:


  • Increase national resources to address poverty and improve the livelihood and food security for the needy urban and rural communities.
  • Develop programs and prepare specific project proposals for Technical Education Development, income generation and urban development, water and sanitation, agriculture and environment, Health and Nutrition.
  • Conduct a current baseline survey on Livelihood intervention, household income and standard of living particularly returnees and Internal Displace people in Somaliland.
  • Undertake an extensive advocacy and fund raising from potential and key donors to address the needs of QAMAR ZAMAN’S target groups.


Strategic Direction Two:


  • Implement appropriate in starvations and programs on sustainable women development in the country of Somaliland
  • Join Local organization’s umbrella and civil society forums and expand for partnerships with other UN agencies, International organizations and Development Companies.
  • Keep continue effective collaboration mechanism with Somaliland authorities particularly organizational activities concerning Ministries of the government.
  • Establish and maintain full participatory planning of projects implementation activities with the stakeholders.
  • Ascertain and maintain program monitoring and reporting tools with donors and the Somaliland Authorities as per request format.


Strategic Direction Three: 

  • Increase institutional capacity in key areas of organizational human resource development.
  • Establish effective and operational Sub-Offices in some other regions and nominate fundraising representative Agents in overseas.
  • Review QAMAR ZAMAN’s operational documents, financial, administrative manuals and procedures
  • Recruit and employ professional staff to carry out and manage Projects/Programs and offices of the organization.